We are wetnose,
we make nice stuff for kind people.

We’re currently working on :

Wetnose webdesign agency Bishkek, Enschede & Rostock.

We are an international webdesign agency with offices in Bishkek, Enschede and Rostock. Webdesign is what we do, search engine optimization our expertise. We build sites that score high in Google, generate visitors and convert them into new customers. That is not something we just say, but is simply measurable.


2013 – 2022


Haas F1 Team fanshop

For Haas F1 Team, where it’s all about speed we made a technical miracle. Multilingual, prices in local currency. integrated with an ERP system and superfast fast no mather the numbers of visitors.

Tricorp is a wholesaler of workwear. Consumers want to shop online quickly at retailers and retailers in turn want that at wholesalers. With this B2B portal we have won the tech innovator awards.

tricorp workwear

Concept, branding and identity for Bishkek Vodka. A product from Kyrgyzstan in a regular and a numbered bottle limited edition. A Kyrgyz vodka with an unparalleled character for the Dutch market.